Try not to become a person of success, but rather, become a person of value.
— Albert Einstein

Jillian Sandrey. Or Jill, because we’re friends.

Owner of LiveClean Kitchen.

Minimalist. Yoga teacher. Freelance graphic designer and brand strategist.

Parsons grad. Left-hander. Professional-level cook. Happiest when creating. Cat person.

Places Lived: New England. Manhattan. Pasadena, CA. Venice, CA. Mendocino, CA

Current Locale: New England

Favorites: Rainy weather. Long hikes. Redwood trees. Early morning. Country living. Leggings as pants. Cooking. The open road. Savasana. A good sense of humor and a dirty mouth.

Pet peeves: Car lashes. Too many fonts. Clutter.

Bucket List: Hike the PCT. 500-hr yoga/ayruveda teacher training. Mid-century home in the forest.  To be a mama. To author a cookbook. To give and receive hugs…lots of hugs.

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As many of us have, I’ve lived a few different lives. View some of my past work here or email me at to find out more.